Community Based Caregiver & Advocate Scholarship Application


Applications for Community Based Caregiver & Advocate scholarships to the 15th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health are now open! This year's conference will take place virtually April 6-8. For our Community Based Caregiver & Advocate scholarships, we welcome applications from individuals whose professional and volunteer work focuses on health and social justice issues experienced by people who are incarcerated, under community supervision or who have returned to the community. Please submit your application by Monday, November 15, 2021.

ACCJH embraces diversity and inclusion in its mission to improve health outcomes for justice-involved populations. As such, we embrace holistic review of scholarship applications based on life and scholarly accomplishments. We will appreciate your inclusion of demographic information about you in your application. Please be aware that individuals who will be contributing to presentations or posters to the 15th annual conference are more likely to be selected for scholarships based on our scoring rubric. If you would like to submit a conference proposal, please visit: Call for Abstracts! 15th Academic & Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health 

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