Engagement in Care and HIV Treatment Prior to Incarceration Predicts Linkage to HIV Care After Release from the Dallas County Jail

Engagement in HIV care remains a central focus of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Incarcerated individuals face multiple challenges after leaving corrections, and often miss medical visits and discontinue treatment after release. In order to target those at highest risk for becoming lost to care, additional data are needed to identify predictors of poor linkage to care. As part of the validation for a monitoring strategy for linkage to care, we evaluated data from 802 HIV-infected releasees from the Dallas County Jail. Of these 802, 693 (86.4%) had at least one HIV appointment in the 3 year study period. The strongest predictors of attending an HIV clinic visit after release were prior engagement in care (OR 5.0, p< 0.01) and prior antiretroviral treatment (OR 2.0, p=0.02).

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Princess Iroh, MS
Ank Nijhawan, MD, MPH
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