L11: Mental Health: "START NOW: Targeting Mood Dysregulation, Impulsivity, Interpersonal Discord in Female Inmates"

Impulsivity, aggression and interpersonal discord are common among inmates in the United States. Mood, substance use, personality and psychotic disorders are prevalent among the incarcerated population and are associated with a variety of interpersonal and behavioral issues. Post-incarceration many behavioral issues persist, resulting in disciplinary problems, management issues and increased risk for recidivism. START NOW, an integrative evidence-informed skills training model of treatment aims to specifically target impulsivity, aggression and interpersonal discord. START NOW provides for the unique needs of female inmate-participants through the development of a female curriculum. The curriculum, including the graphics and examples, are designed to take into account the demographics, pathways to incarceration, prevalence of mental illness and diagnoses, and relational style of female inmates.

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Robert Trestman, PhD, MD
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