PS10: Public Health: "Impact of Telemedicine on Patient and Provider Satisfaction and HIV Health Care Outcomes"

With today’s developments in technology, health care appointments between patients and health care providers via telemedicine are on the increase. In the prison setting, telemedicine is reaping considerable benefits, for example, cost-savings due to decreased transportation needs; increased safety for both correctional employees and the general public, as the opportunity for escape is minimized (1-3); and the potential for improved health care outcomes specifically for HIV. This presentation will provide an overview of how telemedicine, for the purpose of chronic care consultations, is carried out at Rutgers University Correctional Health Care (UCHC) as well as responses from provider and patient satisfaction surveys. Health care outcomes that may have been impacted by telemedicine visits and how they were conducted will be discussed.

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Arthur Brewer, MD
Jeffery Dickert, PhD
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