PS13: Substance Use Disorders: "Receipt of Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder By Justice- Involved Status Among Veterans Health Administration Patients"

Half of veterans involved in the criminal justice system suffer from alcohol use disorder. However, access to evidence-based pharmacological treatments including naltrexone, acamprosate, topiramate, and disulfiram varies in criminal justice settings. Veterans Health Administration (VA) facilities are an alternative location for veterans exiting prison or involved in jail/court (including veterans on probation/parole) to receive these medications, but use is generally low across VA settings and justice involvement may impact prescribing rates. The current study examines whether justice involvement among U.S. VA patients is a barrier to pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder. We will discuss the implications for policies supporting the connection between the criminal justice system and VA and increasing access to pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder among veterans exiting prison or with jail/court involvement.

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Andrea Finlay, PhD
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