PS13: Substance Use Disorders: "The Relationship between Incarceration and Outcomes of Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment"

The effectiveness of buprenorphine maintenance treatment (BMT) for opioid use disorder is not well studied in criminal justice populations. We investigated associations between incarceration and BMT outcomes in a multisite, longitudinal cohort study of 306 patients initiating BMT in primary care. Data included quarterly surveys and medical record review. One-year retention in BMT appeared lower in those with a history of recent incarceration than without (OR = 0.72, 95% CI: 0.36-1.45). Incarceration over one year was lower among those retained in BMT at least one quarter than those not retained (15% vs. 41%, p < 0.001). Findings suggest BMT patients with recent incarceration may need additional support for treatment retention. However, BMT may decrease incarceration incidence in individuals with opioid use disorder.

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Daniel Riggins, BA
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