PS7: Reentry: "Probation- medical partnership using a gender, trauma, and motivational intervention to improve justice and health outcomes for women"

Women probation clients suffer further legal, health, and social consequences. The overarching aim of this project is to examine the impact of an academic healthcare-probation partnership on legal and medical outcomes for 140 high-recidivism risk women. The partnership includes training and supervision of probation officers in gender and trauma-informed motivational strategies. This qualitative framework analysis explores themes which arose in audio-taped meetings between the trained probation officers and 20 clients. The Socio-ecological Model and Self-Determination Theory provide the frameworks. Emerging session themes reveal: 1) officers provide instrumental support to address daily living needs for the women and their children; 2) clients struggle for housing while escaping intimate partner violence and drugs; 3) officers implemented motivational and trauma-specific strategies. The innovative program shows promise.

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Diane Morse, MD
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