PS9: Mental Health: "Explaining the Relationship among Psychotropic Medications, Weight Gain, and Chronic Diseases in a Correctional Setting"

Studies with non-incarcerated populations have found a relationship between some psychotropic medications and metabolic side effects, such as weight gain. However, few studies have investigated the relationship between psychotropic medications associated with weight gain and offenders, despite the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2006 report that 73% of female and 55% of male offenders have a mental health problem and 15% of all state offenders are prescribed medications. This longitudinal study aims to understand the relationship among psychotropic medications, chronic diseases, weight gain and offenders. Preliminary results indicate women gained significantly more weight than men whether or not they were prescribed psychotropic medications associated with weight gain, raising important questions in regard to the impact of incarceration on the health of women offenders.

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Madison Gates, PhD
Elizabeth Hogan, MD
Thad Wilkins, MD
Veronica Walker, MSLS
Wonsuk Yoo, PhD
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