Allegheny County Jail medical union reaches contract with Corizon

April 28, 2015
For the first time since voting to form a union last year, medical staff at Allegheny County Jail in Pennsylvania reached a labor agreement with Corizon Health. The three-year agreement covers 116 workers. It includes wage increases, advance notice of work shifts and more consistent assignments, according to United Steelworkers organizer Bernie Hall. Teresa Latham, a nurse at the jail who was involved in negotiations, says there will be salary increases of anywhere from three to seven percent, schedules will be provided a month in advance and healthcare workers will receive assignments that better relate to their experience and expertise. "In the 14 years I've been there," Latham says, "we've never felt the need to organize or seek protections because conditions were nowhere near what they are now." She says ongoing problems with staffing levels and the availability of appropriate medications make it difficult to consistently provide basic care for inmates.