Hillary Clinton makes drug addiction a policy priority

June 01, 2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton has called heroin and methamphetamine addiction in rural America a "quiet epidemic" and told her policy advisers to put it on the list of policy priorities. As part of that effort, senior campaign policy advisers held Google Hangout discussions with officials and substance abuse activists in Iowa and New Hampshire to see how the campaign could best address the problem, the first of such discussions that will take place in the early nominating states, according to the campaign. She instructed her policy team "to go beyond standard policies and really take a hard look at some of the more creative or forward-looking policy positions," said the campaign's senior policy director. Moving forward, drug addiction, according to aides, will be a central part of the "four fights" that Clinton routinely references in her prepared remarks. Clinton is likely to propose better-financed prevention and treatment options before criminalization and better access to mental health services. She has already called for reform to the criminal justice system and a prison system overflowing with low-level drug offenders.