Houston County receives three bids for jail healthcare

March 14, 2016

Three bid packages were opened from companies hoping to contract with Houston County to provide medical services at the jail. New state standards went into effect in 2015, and while the county jail was fine according to the old criteria, some problems were identified under the new rules. A major concern was in the area of medical care. Under the new standards, jails across the state must provide on-site medical care, with a doctor or nurse seeing inmates at the jail infirmary during a set number of hours per week and they would be on-call for emergencies. Companies submitting bids were:

  • Southern Health Partners submitted a bid of $79,500, and a $71,220 bid for a licensed practical nurse. The contract specified it would provide medical and support services for a time period that is "reasonably necessary;"
  • Advanced Correctional Healthcare offered eight-hour options for both LPNs and registered nurses that ranged from $39,509 to $52,159; and
  • Quality Correctional Healthcare proposed 20 hours of nursing services for $76,549.