Industry News

September 22, 2015

Corizon Health appointed Karey Witty as CEO, effective Nov. 2, 2015. Witty has been a member of the Corizon Health board of directors since 2011, and served as CFO of Correctional Medical Services prior to the merger that formed Corizon Health.

September 20, 2015

In 2016, Vermont lawmakers will contemplate alternative housing for some mentally ill prisoners in the state as corrections officials say the number of mentally ill inmates housed in state prisons has increased in recent years.

September 18, 2015

There were 104 overdose deaths in Baltimore during the first quarter of 2015, a 49% increase over the same period in 2014. As Baltimore City Health Commissioner, Dr. Leana Wen is focusing on stopping the epidemic.

September 18, 2015

This column in The Boston Globe looks at the practice of solitary confinement. "It's embarrassing to say but we have one of the most outdated prison systems in the country," says state Sen. Jamie Eldridge.

September 14, 2015

The Minnesota Department of Human Services named Daniel Anderson, a veteran health administrator and executive at Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services, as the new CEO of health systems at the department, overseeing mental health and substance abuse treatment programs across the state.

September 13, 2015

The New York Police Department is taking part in a training program meant to help patrol officers better handle the growing number of interactions they have with people in emotional or mental distress.

August 20, 2015

Robert Appel, a former Vermont state official who worked with mental health and criminal justice policy, discusses on Vermont Public Radio how he participated in countless studies about treating mentally ill persons while in Correctional facilities.

August 11, 2015

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a plan to move at least 1,000 mentally ill offenders out of lockups and voted to build a state-of-the-art jail focused on mental health treatment.

August 11, 2015

Over the last month, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Sheriff Jim McDonnell pledged sweeping reforms of the justice system's chronically poor treatment of mentally ill inmates. Advocates for the mentally ill and homeless say that the entire county system is broken.

August 03, 2015

Academic medical centers are obligated to train medical professionals about the health needs of inmates and ways to provide them with quality care, Warren J.

July 30, 2015

This article in The New York Times looks at mental health treatment in Cook County Jail in Chicago and the appointment of psychologist Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia as warden.

July 28, 2015

Three state agencies in Ohio are pushing to get the majority of the roughly 21,000 people who are released from prison every year enrolled in Medicaid up to 90 days before they walk out the door, The Columbus Dispatch reports, as services don't begin until they are released, unless they

July 18, 2015

Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr. in Essex County wants to add a 42-bed detox unit to one of Massachusetts' largest jails, the Middleton House of Corrections.

July 18, 2015

Massachusetts HHS secretary Marylou Sudders is pledging to take a look at the way the state treats those with serious mental illnesses and debilitating substance abuse problems who get caught up in the criminal justice system.

July 17, 2015

Whether James Holmes gets life without parole or a death sentence for the Colorado theater shooting, he will spend years behind bars, joining hundreds of thousands of inmates who suffer from mental illness, The Associated Press reports.

July 13, 2015

California will be allowed to oversee the healthcare for inmates at Folsom Prison, officials said, nearly a decade after the state lost control of prison medical services amid allegations of substandard care in the correctional system.

July 06, 2015

The Los Angeles Police Department's mental evaluation unit is the largest mental health policing program of its kind in the nation. Officers in the unit work with county mental health employees to provide crisis intervention when people with mental illnesses come into contact with police.

June 02, 2015

Heroin addicts in eight Maryland county jails and detention centers will be treated with monthly injections of naltrexone, a non-narcotic and non-addictive substance that blocks the euphoric effects of heroin and other opiates. Eligible inmate

June 01, 2015

According to a report by medical receiver Clark Kelso, healthcare within California's 34 prisons continues to improve, however problems persist in contract prisons where the state pays to house its overflow inmate population.

June 01, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton has called heroin and methamphetamine addiction in rural America a "quiet epidemic" and told her policy advisers to put it on the list of policy priorities.

May 26, 2015

Two inmates are suing the ­Minnesota Department of Corrections, seeking access to costly drug treatments for hepatitis C. Breakthrough medicine for hepatitis C started being approved in the U.S. in late 2013, the lawsuit states, and has become the standard of care with a 95% cure rate.

May 19, 2015

Access to government-funded Medicaid, through the Affordable Care Act, will help reduce health care costs to cities, counties and states when inmates are enrolled in Medicaid during incarceration and prior to release.

May 19, 2015

Clinical psychologist Nneka Jones Tapia will become the executive director of one of the country's largest jails - Cook County Jail in Chicago which houses 9,000 inmates, an estimated third of which are mentally ill. 

April 28, 2015

For the first time since voting to form a union last year, medical staff at Allegheny County Jail in Pennsylvania reached a labor agreement with Corizon Health. The three-year agreement covers 116 workers.