2021 Plenary Speaker Speakers

We are pleased to annouce 2021's virtual ACCJH conference plenary speakers. 

Dee Dee Chamblee is an Executive and a seasoned advocate within and for the Transgender community.  Ms. Chamblee has been a mentor, life coach, and consultant who brings over 20 years of solid community-based organizing and data collection experience, to bear on issues that include Gender Identity, Trans-healthcare, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse prevention, Mental Health  and Transformative Social Justice issues. In 2011 President Obama, honored her as a “Champion of Change” and her Blog on Trans-Equality debuted on the White House website, she continues to make change happen in Atlanta.

As co-founder of Solutions Not Punishment Coalition, a Trans-led group of social justice orgs and members, who all came together to stop! a Banishment ordinance that would have banished sex workers from the city of Atlanta. Snap Co offered the city a better solution than banishment by creating a Pre-Arrest Diversion Program. PAD.which has led to a more inclusive Lovely!Atlanta !  Lamour!!!

Jondhi Harrell is the Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) in Philadelphia. TCRC offers comprehensive services for prisoners and formerly incarcerated people in the areas of re-entry, pre-entry, direct services and advocacy. Jondhi is a Community organizer, writer, Public speaker and advocate for criminal justice reform and a leader in the struggle against mass incarceration.

Pamela Winn is an activist from Atlanta, GA that studied Biology at Spelman College, obtained three post-secondary degrees in Nursing, and worked more than 10 years as a Registered Nurse specializing in Women’s Health prior to serving a 78 month federal sentence for a white-collar crime while pregnant.

Pamela Winn is the founder of RestoreHER US.America, a policy advocacy organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of justice-involved women and work in partnership with those women to end the mass incarceration of women of color and pregnant women. Pamela led RestoreHER to spearhead the unanimous passage of HB345, #DIGNITY For Incarcerated Women GA. She is also co-founder and board member of the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network which promotes higher education of convicted people. Pamela serves as National Advisory Council for the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, the Women’s Advisory Board with Human Impact Partners, and the National Anti-Shackling Advisory Board where she developed a Bill of Rights for Incarcerated Pregnant People. She is a board member of Motherhood Beyond Bars and the Association for Justice-Involved Females and Organizations (AJF0).

Pamela Winn was invited to to the White House for the first Prison Reform Summit and the Criminal Justice Reform Summit where she spoke on Women’s Issues. She consulted on the federal legislation, Pregnant Women In Custody Act and also provided language for pregnant women in federal prison, which was instrumental in the historical passage of HR5682, First Step Act. 

Pamela Winn is a 2017 Leading with Conviction Fellow of JustLeadershipUSA, 2018 Erin J. Vuley Fellow with Feminist Women’s Center, 2019 Community Change Women’s Leadership Fellow, and 2019 Soros Justice Fellow.

Jose Hamza Saldana is Director of RAPP, Release Aging People in Prison Campaign. RAPP is a grassroot community organizing and advocacy campaign co-founded by a collective of formerly incarcerated people. RAPP works to end mass incarceration and promote racial justice through the release of older people in prison and those serving long-term prison sentences as a means of uprooting greater forces of injustice that upholds legacies of racism, revenge, Perpetual punishment and the control of Black and other communities of color.

Jose Hamza Saldana is formerly incarcerated. He was released from state prison in January 2018 after a total of 38 years of incarceration. During the decades of incarceration, Jose had obtained a college degree. More importantly, he had committed himself to advocating for revolutionary solutions to the social and economic condition that People of Color inherit at birth, which has often led to perpetual incarceration.  He is a Resurrection Study Group Alumnus, which promote The Non-Traditional Approach to Criminal and Social Justice; co-founder of several therapeutic programs including, “A Challenge to Change: A Comprehensive Approach to addressing Criminal Thinking, Behavior and Attitudes;” “Mentoring Beyond the Walls: A Prison to School Pipeline;” and “Restorative Community Project: A Therapeutic Alternative to

Incarceration.” He is the recipient of the 2019 Freedom Fighter Award issued by Citizens Against Recidivism.