Public University Medicaid Partnerships

Public University Medicaid Partnerships is a joint endeavor of the Commonwealth Medicine division of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center, housed at the Ohio State University Medical Center. Commonwealth Medicine is the public consulting and operations unit of the state’s only public medical school, while the Government Resource Center is a consortium of Ohio’s six public and one private medical school established to provide an array of program supports to the state’s health and human service agencies. 

Commonwealth Medicine and the Government Resource Center have collaborated to publicize and highlight the potential for and benefits of partnerships between public university systems and state agencies responsible for the conduct of state healthcare programs, particularly Medicaid. Over the past two decades, several state agencies charged with Medicaid program administration have developed relationships with their state university systems and public academic medical centers (AMCs) seeking support and guidance on critical issues common to Medicaid and state health care programs. In some venues, public universities and AMCs have become key collaborators in efforts to shape public policy, design and implement innovative approaches to deliver health services, provide technical assistance to agency operations and help state Medicaid programs better fulfill their missions.  

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