An HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Prevention Program for Young Men Leaving Prison: Project START

May 25, 2016

The rates of HIV, STD, and hepatitis infection are high among persons entering prisons, and many of these persons engage in high-risk behaviors after release. Therefore, innovative programs that reduce risk behaviors after release are urgently needed. Project START developed and evaluated two interventions designed for young men leaving prison. This article describes both interventions: the single-session intervention and the enhanced intervention. The single-session intervention focused on HIV/STD/hepatitis prevention only. The enhanced intervention consisted of two prerelease and four postrelease sessions that focused on HIV/STD/hepatitis prevention and more broadly on health and reintegration into the community. Specific procedures used to implement the interventions in correctional settings are described. Process data describing intervention attendance and fidelity to the intervention protocols are presented. Implications for future intervention studies are discussed.

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